Always Assume The Best

I went to a church service with my oldest son and oldest granddaughter, a couple of Sundays ago. It was a video service, beamed in from another city. I wondered to myself, if there was anyway that it could have an effective message without the direct personalization. Writing this has me chuckling to myself, because that’s exactly what I try to do with blogs and live video; share a message through technology. To make it short; it was a fabulous sermon and I identified strongly with it.

How often do we question someone we love, or someone we know cares about us? Something is said with an edge, or as a joke, or written without enough emoji’s to reassure us of the positive meaning of the writing and we assume the worst. We let the putty pop out of the chip on our shoulder and think the negative. What if we assumed the best; assumed that it was miswritten, or that the sarcasm was imagined, or the joke simply meant as a joke. What if we assumed the people around us, who say they care about us and love us, really do? What if people actually do want the best for us? What if people are genuinely sorry for their wrongs?

We save a lot of energy by assuming the best. Are we going to get hurt when we do that? Possibly, but with all of the energy we have saved assuming the best, we will be able to bare it. We will survive. What if everyone in your family assumed the best about everyone else? What would happen to the dynamics? What if everyone in our country assumed the best about everyone else… Ok, let’s take politicians out of the equation, if you can’t get past that. :0)  What if you and I assumed the best ..

I’m not going to take away your desire to protect yourself. We all have people in our lives that are so toxic, so manipulative, that we can’t, in order to survive, assume the best, but those people really are few and far between. Don’t give them your energy; use your energy for good not evil!!

Today, I am watching my granddaughters dance to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” It’s hard to see or assume anything but good.


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