I’m not responsible for anything…”She said facetiously.”

What makes me start writing again after my hiatus?  Life!  My brain started to burble over with how has our society gotten itself into this mess…the negativity on social media, the lashing out, the mad generalization of everyone, including your friends, based on political affiliation, or because they feel differently about something than you do?

Aah, some people have all ready tuned out; what I’m saying doesn’t apply to them.  It applies to all of us…  Think about it.. Republicans want less government, except when it comes to personal issues like abortion, or gay marriage.  Democrats think government should mandate, except when that govt. disagrees with them like on issues of abortion and gay marriage…  If only it was simple; black and white, but not so many damn issues of gray…

How about if we make a simple start:  Take responsibility for you, for your actions, for your finances, for your peace.  Work an extra job, make your apologies, do yoga.  Really it’s simple.

Then what about your family?  Take responsibility for them, your relationship with them, and their basic needs.  Are the children in your family safe, drug free?  Are your elders being taken care of, like you hope your family will take care of you?  Is everyone in your family fed; do they have medical care; have a place to sleep at night, an education?  Is everyone loved?  Do they know they are loved?  Are you teaching them to be responsible?

Have you accomplished all of that and are still sane?  Now tackle your local community.  I see so many folks who just nag on issues on social media.  Here’s an idea: donate your time to your community, offer to volunteer at the schools, soup kitchens, church, bake cookies for the homeless.  Does your community need more funding for something?  We have the lowest unemployment in 50 years.. there are tons of jobs out there.. get one.. take your paycheck, cash it and donate it to your cause.  Give up your something you don’t need and provide something to someone who does have the need.  We are the govt.; we can’t wait for them; it has to be us.  We have the lowest number of volunteers in a long time, but the highest dissatisfaction with our civic arenas; see the correlation?  It will feel so different to work in a positive way for your cause..It will feel great.

The best thing that will happen from the above suggestions is you will be busy, fulfilled, in control and making a difference.  I am in the process of completing a huge project this summer for money :).  A portion of that has already gone to a family who had an immediate need.  I made a difference, you can make a difference.

The difference will not be made by you sitting safely on your phone, criticizing others beliefs blindly.  Be nice, have empathy, make a difference, take responsibility, be the change…

Imagine if all of the energy that is spent judging others and other beliefs, was spent on creating good: if everyone took care of their own families, before they judged others; if everyone took care of the people in their own communities, before they tried to mandate to others.

We, you and I, have the power….We have the responsibility..



3 thoughts on “I’m not responsible for anything…”She said facetiously.””

  1. I’m so happy to read you’re blogging again. I missed you. You addressed a very newsworthy subject. Spot on. We are the change makers. Do whatever you can is my takeaway and I sincerely hope I am achieving this. I have strong political beliefs. I read, watch the news, listen to others, and hopefully make good decisions come time to vote. For me it isn’t all black and white. I will say, however, nothing upsets me more than voting for and getting a candidate elected and they get to Washington and vote party line. Nothing.


  2. Hi, I have seen a significant positive outcome to all the political and social upset and that is activism. You spoke to volunteering and making a difference. I’ve seen more of that recently than I have seen in my entire life. Not everyone just whines about the stuff they hate, many people are stepping up to support what they love. That’s a good thing. I’ve seen so much long-standing complacency that I am encouraged by the activism I’m seeing – even when I don’t agree, seeing people activated to move is exciting.


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