Facing Fears

It is obvious that society runs on fear.  We rightly or wrongly elected a president, because of fear and continue to let fear define us as a population.  Afraid of new ideas, of old ideas, of each other and sadly we are afraid of ourselves.  We are a country of fear…  I can’t fix the country, you can’t either, we can only control i.e..fix ourselves, and that alone is a challenge few of us dare to try..

Most of my life I have slept facing the door at night.  I don’t know why; no-one ever came into my room at night, while I slept.  There was no abuse in the dark, no surprises in the night, but for some reason I had this unreasonable fear that I had to sleep facing the door, so I would see whoever, whatever coming through the door.  It determined which side of the bed I slept in at a motel, my bedroom, and even which direction I slept on a couch.  I never told anyone; I became so used to it, that the pattern was almost subconscious, unless I was asked to sleep differently.  The anxiety would rise up in me, and I would have to consciously calm myself; self-talk my way to reason, there is no one, the door is locked…… I am doing better with it, I’m less afraid of what could happen, more rational, more mature, less afraid.

My other great fear is the loss of a child.  My youngest son ran errands for companies, (it’s called hot-shotting), he would often be out working at night, all night long, on roads with conditions, that were sometimes dangerous.  I would call him before I went to bed, and when I woke in the middle of the night, I would wonder where he was, if he was safe, should I call…..  I started to feel neurotic; my fear keeping me awake for hours; my mind imagining the worst.  He and his older brother would go snowmobiling during avalanche season in the Rockies; I would check weather sites and worry…  My fear wasn’t good for me and it wasn’t good for them.  They both stopped telling me when they were dong things, so I wouldn’t worry.  I didn’t want to be shut out, by their protection of me so I started to turn it over to God.  Now I know there are those of you who don’t believe in God, but God is real to me.  He/she is who I can turn my fears over too.. I can’t control my fears; I can’t control, but I have to believe that God can.  Where does that put people who lose family they love…I don’t know.  I can’t say God had a different purpose, or there are lessons….I just don’t know.  I do know, that for me turning it over to God, whether the belief is my prayers matter, or it’s an acknowledgment of my lack of control, works for me.

Acknowledging that we have control, only over ourselves, is an essential part of healing, of surviving.  We can only take responsibility for the decisions and actions that we make and take.  Don’t be afraid…allow yourself to be a survivor and not a victim; relinquish your fear and things you can not control, to God, to Buddha, to Mother Earth….



8 thoughts on “Facing Fears”

  1. Wise words and an enjoyable read. The three of us over at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog found your words thought provoking.
    Mr Midnight says that fear lames progression and Sir Winston adds that most societies on our planet seem to live in fear (possibly because that´s how Governments can control their people).
    For myself, if believing in a God helps then it is surely the right way to go about things but I have to ask myself; is believing in a God just a convenient mechanism with which to avoid ones own fears? I can imagine that for the majority, the very thought of living on a planet without a God would add to the mayhem of fear in our lives. Perhaps that what one calls a “God” lies within oneself and one must trust and discover ones real self if one is to find our true path in life.
    Thank you for posting and all the best out of the magical Black Forest. 🙂 Purr purr, meow and kind regards. 🙂


    1. I understand your questioning the idea of the higher power, but there is the definition of faith? 😊 I’m so glad the three of you enjoyed my writing today. I’m going in to read your writings today. It’s good to learn about each other. Best wishes!

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  2. A very good message,Luanna! I agree that most things in life are fear based–the media, religion, parenting, etc. I also agree that it starts with us to change our beliefs…one belieft at a time!!


  3. I can relate to the same fears, my ex-husband used to say I literally had one eye open when I was sleeping :), but especially about my children. I have always been way to overprotective and I didn’t ever think about the fact they might shut me out to protect me. I appreciate that you pointed that out! It gives me something to think about for sure. Your article was very well written and I enjoyed it. Can I add a link to it in my self help section on my blog? Thanks in advance, as always Take care of yourself.


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