This is my 13th blog! A fourth of the way to my goal of 52 weeks..  Every goal is different: some are physical, mental, or emotional.  All require self- discipline; I don’t like self-discipline, one of my challenges, if you want the truth….and I always try my best to give you as much truth as you can handle.  🙂

I recently took on an additional goal.  There is a bike ride called the CANDISC. (Cycling Across North Dakota in Sakakawea Country)  This year we will cover 416 miles in a week; more if I can handle the centennial ride challenge.  I rode this 13 years ago….13.. years.. ago……I was younger, and weighed less….weighed less….  🙂  I was divorced at the time and wanted to challenge myself physically. Every once in a while I feel the need to do this.. OMG…  So here I am training to achieve this goal, afraid that I will fail.  Really honestly, afraid that I will fail…like I have tears in my eyes right now, thinking about it.   I hate failure..

Wait a second:  What is failure?  Seriously, failure only happens when you don’t try to do something in the first place.  Failure is living your life so safely that you are bored. (I don’t like being bored.)  I won’t fail!  I may end up walking up a hill, I may end up taking more Aleve ™ than I did 13 years ago, I may cry…., but I won’t fail.

One day, my middle son, was taking a risk.  He was borrowing money to buy something and was worrying about failing.  “Son, if it was a sure deal, everyone would be doing it.”  He said, “Mom, what if I go bankrupt?”  I told him it was the right time to be taking chances…he tried and he did not fail… chew your fingernails off, if you have to, but try… you’ll never know unless you try..

I’ve always been good about encouraging my children to try new things, things that were risky, that might not be as successful as they imagine, but it took me a while to encourage myself, and now I want to encourage you!

Now if I get hit by a car… if 6 months from now, no one is reading my blog…..my diabetes escalates because of my weight…those would definitely be set backs, especially getting hit by a car 😦 …but I’m going to keep trying..

What are you thinking about for a goal?  What is your purpose?  Looking forward helps shorten the looks back..  I do this a lot; It’s a way of coping for me.  You’re a survivor! You won’t fail, unless you don’t try… Now if I could just work on that dieting self-discipline…..


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